Yogic Meditation

Yogic Meditation

Meditation – Creating stillness and peace

The practise of Dhyana Meditation is the meditation of the heart. It is part of the eightfold path of Raja Yoga and has been practised for over 2,000 years.

Dhyana means absorption in Sanskrit – the absorption of the little self in the Universal Consciousness or Love.

This meditation is a meditation of love so we begin by sitting upright, comfortable and closing our eyes or you can sit in a chair or lie down.

We are sitting in our heart focussing on the powerful energy of love. It is sometimes easier to evoke love by holding an image of someone you love in your heart - sometimes God is too abstract a concept for us, so you may want to focus on the image of a loved one or even a beloved pet. Love opens our heart to the feeling that we are in harmony and at one with life not separate but part of the living whole of existence. It is said the heart contains everything, it is as big as the universe and sitting there in the silence in the invisible interior depths of the heart we can experience the source of our being - LOVE.

It is a place of stillness, peace, joy and love where our true being resides, this is our natural home. While we are resting in the heart the mind will continue to distract us with thoughts but we pay it no attention. We just sit in this stillness and silence listening to our breath, knowing we are breathed effortlessly by a force that moves through our body and gives us life. This force is the primal power of love that moves through all life and every animate and inanimate thing in the universe. Stay with your attention on your breath.

It is important to remember that our nature is consciousness that we are beings of love and light. This is our true essence – it is what we are but this becomes covered over as we grow up and we forget our true nature. In this meditation we are just returning to our true nature which is love and light, it is just that we have forgotten it. The grace of love can bring meaning into our lives and where there is a feeling of separation and isolation it can reconnect us to the timelessness of our soul and its natural relationship to the cycles of life.

This heart meditation offers a deep physical, mental and emotional relaxation.